Back to School 2021 - Why air purifiers?

Ever since this pandemic begun, life has not been the same. The lockdown that’s been on for quite some time now and has had people staying at home, to prevent the virus from spreading. This has affected many people’s jobs where many now work from home, has affected many brick and mortar businesses, and Schools too.

 Care Kit Large room Air Purifier


As of this year, 2021, it has been reported that children from Toronto public schools will be going back to in-person learning. Hence, the school board has decided to use ventilation systems, to ensure a safer work environment for the students, as well as for the teachers and everyone else working at the schools. These air purifiers are being installed in the classrooms so that fresh air from the outside can enter the room. These devices are completely safe for everyone, as well as for children. It will minimize airborne contaminants and particles which can contain illnesses, reduce the spreading of bacteria, weaken unwanted odour and alleviate allergies, and also simply have cleaner air. The more air purifiers installed in classrooms, the better it is for the students and will also, keep friends and family safe.

Care Kit Mid-size room Air Purifier

 The air that we have right now is what we breathe in and sometimes, it can have a certain smell that may be unpleasant. Have you ever worked or stayed in a place that has an odor lingering around? It can be a real bother, especially for students who are trying to concentrate in classroom and may even be distracted by the fact that their classroom smells like a Gas Station Washroom, a wet market, or even a sewer. Whatever that stench may be, students deserve to learn in a place that has fresh air for everyone to breathe in.

This may all sound very dramatic. However, the dreadful odor that students dislike is just the tip of the iceberg.



The Common Cold and the Flu are two of the most common airborne diseases that can easily spread throughout the air, especially for students going back to schools with COVID still around.

The Care Fit Air Purifiers help lower the risk of someone getting sick, specifically from the common cold, the flu, and even Covid. If someone does get sick, it can easily spread all around the school. For this to not happen, air purifiers do an excellent job in reducing the possibility of someone getting sick. It is crucial for everyone to feel safe and protected during this difficult time, which includes students from all levels of education to be disease free, as far as possible. With the HEPA technology used in the air purifiers, it can eliminate and kill 99.7 percent of airborne diseases.

Allergies are another concern that must be touched on and, in all honesty, deserves so much more attention than they usually get. It is estimated that 8.4 million Canadians, around 27.3 percent of the Canadian population, are reported to have at least one allergy. If an allergic reaction were to occur anywhere, specifically at school, and it was not treated well, there are grave risks involved, depending on how severe the situation is.

The Care Fit Air Purifiers are useful and safe device to use in classrooms for students to breathe in fresh air. These devices have already been proven to catch many unwanted particles in the air which may stimulate various allergies such as dust particles, pet dander, food allergies, and many more. As much as possible, we must give our students a place where they can prosper, become successful in what they are learning, and most importantly, feel safe and healthy.